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Convert Pounds to Dollars - It's Quick and Easy


Thanks to the Internet, the world is shrinking at a faster pace than ever. It's now common for people in one country to do business in another country, with only a few clicks of the mouse button.



Additionally, people travel from one country to another on a daily basis. Sometimes for business, sometimes for a leisurely vacation, sometimes simply to go buy merchandise. The number of reasons that people need to convert money between different currencies is seemingly endless.


There are thousands and thousands of currency conversions done on a daily basis - whether that be done at the airport, on the street corner or back alley, at a bank.....there are lots of options.


In the UK , because U.S. currency has become so important, there are many times when you might need to convert pounds to dollars.  

Fortunately, the same Internet, which has made this a necessity, also makes the conversion calculation easy.

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In short, there are several online sites that will quickly and easily convert pounds to dollars, and alternatively convert dollars to pounds.



It truly only takes a few clicks of the mouse, and the conversion calculation is provided to you. A few of the better sites available for these free conversion calculations include:


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  • At x-rates.com, there is a simple currency calculator that has literally dozens of the world's most important currencies. Type inpounds in the top slot and put the U.S. currency in the bottom, and in a second or two, you're converting British pounds to dollars like a financial guru.

  • Yahoo! Finance makes it possible to convert pounds to dollars, and offers a little something extra, as well. Specifically, it gives a quick look at the current bank exchange rates, along with links for other current finance-related topics.

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  • At http://uwacadweb.uwyo.edu/numimage/Currency.htm is a tool that can be a lot of fun. It will not only convert pounds to dollars for 2010, but for any year, going all the way back to 1913.  This not only is good entertainment for the curious, but also helps for those needing to do any sort of historical research on economic matters.
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  • You can also use the Google search bar to make your currency conversions, and the video below discusses this option.


The video above shows how you can convert currencies via Google.


  • And finally, for absolute precision, you can convert pounds to dollars at the absolute latest exchange rates by going to XE.com. They update this several times daily.



convert dollars to pounds

So whether you need it for travel, research, or investment purposes, hopefully, somewhere on this list you've found the perfect pounds to dollars currency converter to meet your needs. If you're looking for a physical device to do these calculations, you can utilize a standard calculator, or a specialized currency converter.

Feel free to check those other sites out! They're all free, we promise.

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